Meghan Markle ‘shouted’ at staff, leaving them ‘shattered’ and ‘trembling’ with fear, new book claims

my king The Daily Beast’s newsletter for everything related to the royal family and the royal family. Subscription over here To get it in your inbox every Sunday. New accounts of alleged bullying behavior by Meghan Markle have been posted on Excerpt from a new book The London Times Royal Correspondent Valentine Louthe respected reporter … Read more

Prince Andrew ‘pressure’ the Queen to prevent Charles from becoming king: Biography claims ‘plot’ with Diana

Prince Andrew secretly conspired with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to try to prevent Charles from becoming king and allow Prince William to take the throne with the Duke of York as regent, an explosive new biography claims today. Andrew is also alleged to have “pressured” the Queen and campaigned against the marriage … Read more

Cody “Disgusted” by Kristen Utah Moves With The Truth

Cody Brown said on “Sister Wives” that he’s disgusted that Kristen is moving to Utah with their daughter. He said he had done “research” and indicated he would not “win” the legal guardianship battle. Kristen said she was moving in order to really be “surrounded by love.” loading Something is loading. Custody of his 12-year-old … Read more