Netflix Tudum 2022: The biggest news and trailers

For the second year in a row, Netflix held a live event called Tudum to showcase some of the biggest upcoming movies, TV shows, and games. (Although the names are similar, this Tudum has nothing to do with the struggling fan site that Netflix also runs.) There were some notable absences from the 2022 release … Read more

‘Everyone Has a Book Inside’: A Flourishing Memoir Industry Where Ordinary People Record Their Stories | Biography and notes

Brian Lewis grew up in a difficult council building after arriving in Britain as part of Windrush generation. At the age of eight, he developed an interest in chess and joined a team made up of Estate Board children to take part in tournaments, generally against children from more privileged backgrounds. At the age of … Read more

Tāme Iti and the Art of Thriller

Allison Maw is a senior journalist at Stuff. Opinion: Journalists can generally talk for a minute or so on almost any topic, unless they have spent years covering a specialized area of ​​journalistic reporting. This is a joke that I often use to justify my lack of in-depth knowledge on various topics (sailing! grassland management! … Read more

Matt Roloff says he’s making ‘big changes’ in hopes of getting a buyer for Roloff Farms after being on the market for more than four months – Ashley real-life report

“Coooooome and get it!” It’s been about four months since then Matt Roloff Made a somewhat shocking announcement that He is selling a 16-acre lot From Rolove farm And although the farm sale has caused a lot of media uproar (not to mention Discord in the Roloff family Between Matt and his twin sons zach … Read more

‘Avatar’ is back in theaters, and it’s still great

100 days of avatar We are counting the days until James Cameron’s dream comes true: water road Opens in theaters. Zoe Saldana in symbol picture. Photo: Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Despite his technical expertise and mastery of storytelling, James Cameron may well be the cinematic master of shifting ambiance. I still remember … Read more

Jeffrey Steele and Steve Dorf release “Who Knows Why”

Award winning songwriters Steve Dorph And the Jeffrey Steel You have a decades-old friendship forged at the heart of every parent’s nightmare. Every man suffered the death of a son. Steele’s son, Alex Levasseur, died in an ATV accident in 2007. He was 13 years old. Dorf’s son, famous songwriter Andrew Dorf, passed away while … Read more

Blonde: All Marilyn Monroe films are exploitative. But the new Netflix movie actually shows you inside her vagina

BLundAndrew Dominic’s new Netflix movie adds as much nuance to the idea of ​​Marilyn Monroe as it can be gleaned from a gynecological examination. The blockbuster star has long been established as a tragic figure, a woman who was abused by Hollywood studios, her husband, Joe Dimaggio, and her ailing mother as a child. Rather … Read more