Robert Kiyosaki Says The End Of Fake Money Is Here – Shares 3 Lessons To Help Investors In The Midst Of A Market Crash – Bitcoin Featured News

After predicting the biggest crash in world history, Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, says the “end is here” for fake money. He reiterated three lessons that would help investors “do well in market crashes.” Robert Kiyosaki on the end of fake money Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert … Read more

The Fed’s fight against inflation could cost 1.2 million US jobs

Minneapolis CNN Business – In its efforts to lower historical inflation and cool the economy, the Federal Reserve has used Multiple euphemisms To describe the potential impact on Americans’ jobs, from Economical ‘pain’ To the “unfortunate costs” and Softening the labor market. However, the data does not taint the words. The Federal Reserve’s latest economic … Read more

Google CEO Pichai answers questions about cost cuts at All Hands Meeting

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai points during a session at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, on January 22, 2020. Fabrice Cofferini | AFP | Getty Images as such The Google Trying to navigate an unfamiliar environment of slowing growth, cutting costs and opposing employees about cultural changes, CEO Sundar Pichai … Read more

Estimates of epidemic unemployment fraud amount to 46.5 billion dollars

A federal watchdog found Thursday that fraudsters may have stolen $45.6 billion from the nation’s unemployment insurance program during the pandemic, using Social Security numbers for the dead and other methods to deceive and corrupt the US government. The new estimate is a dramatic increase from about $16 billion in potential fraud identified a year … Read more

How Meta and Google are using slack fears to clean the house

For nearly two decades, high-profile technology companies such as Google and Facebook (now Meta) have been known for their rapid hiring, luxury perksand corporate cultures galore. But now, with high inflation, the war in Ukraine, and other macroeconomic factors causing marketers to cut their advertising budgets, Big Tech’s work culture is changing. In recent months, … Read more

Semiconductor alliances between the United States and Asia can hold back China

Analysts told CNBC that leading chip makers, including the United States, are forming alliances, in part to secure the semiconductor supply chain and prevent China from being up-to-date. Places like the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which have strong semiconductor industries, have sought partnerships around biotechnology. “The direct cause of all of this … Read more