Business lessons from my startup that failed to grow

you did what?

Yes, promoter. We’ve helped people with lawns (almost half of all Australians) get great results. The basic idea is that no one knows what to do with their garden. And with our custom turf subscriptions based on climate, soil, and satellite imagery, we can send out exactly what turf customers need when they need it.


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Did you succeed?

Yes, well – sort of. I mean compost works. And it had to be done, we literally developed it The world’s leading expert On site-specific fertilizer recommendation. These things were science in a bottle.

Yard product review

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yes. Great fertilizers don’t make a great startup.

So what didn’t work?

The ultimate cause of deaths was the number one killer of startups. We ran out of cash.

  • 91 investors were contacted; And the
  • 31 First meeting with investors.

Why can’t we raise more money?

I’m glad you asked. Here is a summary of key feedback topics from investors:

mini market

Venture capital does not get out of bed to generate revenues of less than $100 million in five years. Low results do not “satisfy the dynamics of the fund” as every investment needs the potential to return the fund. This is compounded by Yarda owning a retail business model, which is harder to expand internationally (and thus market expansion) than something less material like SaaS.


Direct-to-consumer engagement has seen a boom in the 2000s with companies like Casper, AllBirds And the Dollar Shave Club is expanding rapidly. Unfortunately, the 2000s were less kind to the model with a single exit worth $1 billion. Dear D2C could not maintain their early advantage as new competitors enter the market and start up internet based companies.

Suitability of the founding product / Understanding the customer

Am I going to die for this startup? Do I live and breathe grass? Honestly I chose this job because I liked the model, rather than the promoter being my passion. I don’t even have the herb.

Oh, disgusting. But what did you get it right?

The most positive comments were about the team. Elephant (CMO) and Blake (Co-Founder) Marked as the right people to be along the way. I am so grateful to have worked with these two people and to dedicate themselves to Yarda.

Why were you collecting money in the first place?

Great point Alasdair, I’m glad you asked.

Why didn’t you spin?

We weren’t fast enough. If I could open a portal to the founder of Day One, Alasdair and shout something before it closed, it would be ‘FAIL FASTER’.

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