Bill Murray’s scary celebrity stories spread like wildfire

Bill Murray An undeniable comic legend. According to a bunch of disturbing stories that have surfaced about him in recent days, weeks, and months, he may also be a bad coworker all the time.

It looks like the following gates have opened New discoveries about what happened On the set of Aziz Ansari’s first directorial shoot being deadlythat had a Production stopped earlier this year after Murray allegedly sexually harassed a production staff member. The “much younger” woman reportedly received $100,000 in a settlement from Murray, who sources say she overcame and began kissing her through their masks in what he considered a funny prank and apparently did not.

“What I always thought was funny when I was a little kid isn’t necessarily the same funny thing now,” Murray He said in an interview in time. “Things change and times change so it’s important for me to find out.”

But if the stories below are from fellow stars and other celebrities he’s interacted with over the years behind the scenes Saturday Night Live Elsewhere, it is believed that it has been making people uncomfortable for a long time. Dan Aykroyd didn’t call him “The Morican” without good reason.

Geena Davis: I should have gone out

In her new notes, death of literatureAnd the Geena Davis He remembers the traumatic experience of working with Murray in the ’90s quick changeincluding insisting he use an electric massager called a “Thumper” on her during their first meeting in a hotel suite for what was ostensibly her audition, and later yelling at her for allegedly being late in front of the entire cast and crew.

“That was bad,” Davis said. Times UK. “The way he acted in the first meeting… I should have gotten out of it or defended myself deeply, in which case I had no role. I could have avoided this treatment if I knew how to react or what to do during the audition. But, as You know, I was so non-confrontational that I didn’t…”

Rob Schneider: We hated

“You never know who you’re going to get, which Bill Murray you’re going to get,” SNL Alum Rob Schneider He said this week on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts. “Cute Bill Murray? Or will you get Bill Murray hard? He recalled the horrific experience of being in the cast when he hosted Murray about the release hard day in 1993. “He is very nice to the fans. He was not very nice to us,” Schneider said. “We hated them. Saturday Night Live when added. He absolutely hates us. I mean boiling.”

“Chris hated Farley passionately,” Schneider continued. “It was like he was boiling just looking at him. I don’t know exactly [why]But I want to believe it because Kris thought it would be great for you to be [John] Belushi – from [was] His friend who saw him die – he thinks it’s cool that it’s out of control. That’s my interpretation, but I don’t really know.”

“I just saw the way he looked at him [Farley]And it was just naked rage, you know? He said later. “I mean, he hated [Adam] Sandler. He really hated Sandler too.” Schneider also said that “the least hate was for me,” adding, “I was so glad he didn’t hate me so much, because he’s my hero.”

Seth Green: ‘I was terrified’

Actor Seth Green was only nine years old when he was He said he faced Murray’s wrath. He was also behind the scenes in SNL, as the green young man was shedding light on his guest, that he remembers Murray “made a big fuss” about taking his seat. And I was like, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m sitting on the arm of this couch. There are several lengths for this sofa. Green said. And he was like, ‘This is my chair. “

When Greene stubbornly refused to get up, he said Murray “carried me by the ankle, carried me upside down…and hung me on the trash, and would say, ‘The trash goes in the trash.” I was screaming, swinging my arms, lifting hard, touching his balls. Drop me in the trash, trash falls. I was terrified. I ran away, hid under the table in the locker room and just cried.”

Lucy Liu: I stood up for myself and I don’t regret it

Last summer, Lucy Liu opened up about her encounter with Murray on the set of their 2000 movie Charlie’s Angels during an episode of Los Angeles Times’ Enough Asian podcast. “While we were doing the scene, Bill started swearing, I won’t go into details, but it went on. Leo remembers that, I was, like, ‘Wow, he looks like he’s looking straight at me.’” I couldn’t believe it [the comments] It could be towards me, because what should I do with anything so important at that time? I’m literally looking around my shoulder, like, Who’s talking behind me? I say, I’m so sorry. Are you talking to me?’ And obviously it was, because then it began to turn into a connection between two people. ”

“Some languages ​​were unacceptable and unacceptable, and I’m not going to sit there and eat them,” she continued. “So, yes, I defended myself, and I don’t regret it. Because no matter how low the totem pole you may be or where you come from, there is no need to compromise or insult others. I will not and should not step down.

Despite their on-going fight, Leo said she had “nothing against Bill Murray at all” and was “absolutely cute” when they met other years later at SNL Reunion. “But I’m not going to sit there and get attacked.”

Angelica Huston: It was a shit to me

Despite being integral parts of Wes Anderson’s ever-evolving squad, Angelica Huston and Murray never really got along. “It was filthy to me aquatic life,” she eagle said Several years ago. “The first week I was there, we were all in this little motel, and the whole cast had invited me to go to dinner, except for me. And everyone went down to dinner, and the dogs felt about not being invited, and they were all like, ‘Oh, you know, no We really want to go.” This was worse than anything.

She added, “I was really hurt. Then I think we met again in Florence, because that movie was shot all over Italy, and we were doing a scene at Gore Vidal’s house in Ravello, and he said, ‘Hey, how are you?'” I miss you.’ I said, “You’re full of shit. You didn’t miss me. He seemed confused for a moment. He’s been a little nicer to me ever since. He attended my husband’s funeral. He couldn’t have been nicer that day. He showed up. Not many people have.” .

Lorne Michaels: They got into a fight

In a recent appearance by Dana Carvey and David Speed fly on the wall podcastAnd the SNL Producer Lorne Michaels confirmed long-running rumors that Murray and Chevy Chase got into a fight backstage during the show’s second season. “They got into a fight. And Jun [Belushi] Michaels said. “Maybe it was my fault because I was bringing Chevy back to the host but it was only a season and a half after he left, but it made sense. They got into a skirmish in front of Page’s desk, and then Chevy had to go out and do the monologue.”

Due to the chaise property Controversial pastHowever, it’s hard to tell if Murray is really to blame for this.

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