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The whistle sounds on a deserved victory for Belgium … but Wales will be very happy with their second-half performance. They’d been given the runaround in the first half, but stood firm in the second, and could easily have snatched a draw.

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79 min: VAR has a look, and justice is done. Morrell clearly toed the ball out of play, and De Bruyne then went over his outstretched leg. It’ll be a drop ball, and not a corner, while it turns out Bale was booked for arguing the toss. Surely that will be rescinded. Morrell’s yellow too, else he’ll miss the Poland game.

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77 min: Belgium ping it around patiently. Suddenly Meunier rolls a pass down the right for De Bruyne, who strides into the box. Morrell sticks out a toe and pokes out for a corner. De Bruyne goes over, the referee points to the spot, and Wales are incensed! Morrell is also booked.

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Now then! Now then! Johnson dribbles down the right. He takes on both Witzel and Carrasco, dropping a shoulder to advance towards the byline. He stands one up to the far post, where Moore rises highest, planting an unstoppable downward header past Courtois. Game on!

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Wales have looked half-decent in attack, but otherwise they’ve been very much second best. Belgium could easily have had a few more. They’ve been magnificent. Here’s Peter Oh: “I’m afraid even a rousing half-time speech by Michael Sheen himself won’t fix this one.”

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De Bruyne’s already scored one. Now he’s set one up. He powers into the Welsh box down the right. He’s got the beating of Ampadu, and rolls across for Batshuayi, who can’t miss from a couple of yards. It had been coming, to say the least.

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Well, scrub that. Belgium hog the ball for a bit. They patiently stroke it around, this way and that. Suddenly Batshuayi tears down the right flank. He’s got Meunier racing by his side on the overlap, but instead cuts back for De Bruyne, who adjusts his body and steers a powerful sidefoot into the bottom right from the edge of the box. Sensational finish! He’s not bored now!

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Belgium: Courtois, Debast, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Meunier, Tielemans, Witsel, Carrasco, De Bruyne, Batshuayi, Hazard.
Subs: Mignolet, Casteels, Theate, Openda, Mertens, De Ketelaere, Trossard, Onana, Dendoncker, Vanaken, Castagne, Saelemaekers.


Wales: Hennessey, C Roberts, Rodon, Mepham, N Williams, Smith, Ampadu, Norrington-Davies, James, Moore, Johnson.
Subs: Ward, King, Gunter, Cabango, Levitt, T Roberts, Bale, Morrell, J Williams, Harris, Thomas, Harris.


Referee: Ali Palabıyık (Turkey).

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Wales’s A4 Nations League campaign took an understandable back seat to their World Cup qualifying bid. Robert Page and his Qatar-bound men wouldn’t change a thing, but as a result relegation from the top tier of Uefa’s shiny new tournament looks more likely than not. If they’re not to go down, they’ll need to at least one win from their last two matches, two if Poland beat the Netherlands tonight. Small problem: Wales have never beaten Belgium on their own pitch, and since knocking them out of Euro 2016, are winless in three against the world number two side, losing on their last visit 3-1 in 2021. Big game coming up, then; just as well Wales have developed a habit of turning up for them. Kick off is at 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

Ben Fischer was in Brussels and his report is here to enlighten you. Thanks for reading this MBM. My nighty night!

Kevin De Bruyne spoke to S4C, and was not particularly impressed with Wells’ proposal Belgium He defended a lot in the second half. “I think we totally deserved to win. We totally controlled the first half, we created a lot of chances. The second half we started badly. The only thing on our part was that we had to keep the ball, Wales was so deep, we had to wait for the right moment. That was the thing. The only one that could have improved, but I never felt like Wales would put pressure on us. I’ve seen two chances for Wales, I don’t know what the others have seen, but that’s what it is.” As for the reversal of the fine? “I was already running into the corner, but even then the rules were pretty stupid, because it was just an ordinary corner [and not a drop ball]. “

Brennan Johnson speaking to S4C: “It was a game of two halves. At first, we lacked a lot of faith, we didn’t know how great we would be tonight, and especially what we could give going forward. We didn’t show any of that. In the second half we came out with a different mindset and we were proud of it,” Rob Page told us. To believe ourselves, to show why we’re here, and I think we did. Poland is a huge game to stay in this league. It’s going to be a really big game and we’ll all be ready for it.”

The other result in Group A4: Poland 0-2 Netherlands. Goals from Cody Jako and Stephen Bergwijn gave the Dutch the three points in Warsaw. They are still top of the group with 13 points, three points ahead Belgium On day 10. Wales are still at the bottom of the list by just one point, but they are only three points behind the Poles who visit Cardiff on Sunday. They haven’t come out yet.

Match ends, Belgium 2-1 Wales

Looks like a deserved win whistle Belgium …But Wales will be very happy with her performance in the second half. They had a run in the first half, but held out in the second, and could easily have snatched a tie.

90 min +6: …but the long ball goes straight to Courtois’ throat.

90 min +5: Martinez wanders into the tunnel with a wry smile. If nothing else, from the podium, he’ll take a closer look at Williams firing Hill Mary from the halfway line…

90 min +4: Finally Mertens takes it. Wales Clear and launch the counter through Johnson’s bottom right. Meunier encounters a crisis tackle, just as it looks like Johnson is clearly going to run. On the touch line, Roberto Martinez deliberately throws the ball to waste time, and he is sent off!

90 min +3: Trussard wins a lower left corner. Mertens is in no hurry to take it.

90 min +2: De Bruyne, amazing in the first half, who was not so striking in the second, gives way to De Ketelaere.

90 min +1: Meunier dug in from a distance. Always wide to the right, always high.

90 minutes: Johnson hits the right again, as he did with Wales’ goal. His violent cross was pushed out of the danger zone by Courtois. Wales They push for an exciting equalizer, and they’ll have six more minutes to find one!

89 minutes: Bale flanks the left and appears in the heel for Williams, who sends a powerful, low ball toward goal. Courtois dodges well and the hosts clear their lines.

88 minutes: Trossard works in Wales Once again withdraws to Vanaken, who slides to the left for Mertens. It curls the curler towards the top right…but it always gets twisted the wrong way. Well wide.

86 minutes: Mertens whips a cross from the left. Mepham, who bravely slips to the ban, takes one in swingers. After taking deep breaths and stripping, he turned back and ran.

85 minutes: Williams cross from the left. Conor Roberts rests head down on the far stick. Johnson pulls a wide shot to the left from 12 yards. Had it been on goal, crammed into a corner, Courtois would never have caught it. Not a golden opportunity, but an opportunity nonetheless.

84 minutes: Tyler Roberts comes in at Norrington Davis, like Wales Choose to go to it while running out of time.

83 minutes: The home audience wasn’t too happy with the upside down decision, you can imagine. Now they’ve howled themselves, it’s the Welsh travel support that’s causing the most noise.

81 minutes: Good old VAR, huh. It was a ridiculous punitive decision. we are playing.

VAR: No penalty!

79 minutes: The VAR has taken a look, and justice is done. Apparently Muriel sent the ball out of play, then passed De Bruyne on his outstretched leg. It would be a drop ball, not a corner kick, as it turns out that Bale was booked for arguing the lot. It will definitely be cancelled. Morel is also yellow, otherwise he will miss the Poland match.

Penalty kick for Belgium!

77 minutes: Belgium around patiently. Suddenly Meunier rolls a pass down on the right for De Bruyne, who enters the penalty area. Morell slips off his toe and heads out into a corner. De Bruyne went, the referee points to the penalty point, Wales angry! Morel is also booked.

76 minutes: Tillmans gives way to Vanaken.

75 minutes: For the second time in a matter of minutes, Trossard launches into a dangerous dodge in the middle of the park. The Brighton midfielder has been active since he came along.

73 minutes: Johnson cries toward the Belgian box and James slides into space to his right. James one-twos with Morrell and dinks to the far post, where Vertonghen is forced to head backwards for a corner. Nothing comes from the fixed set, but Wales They are asking some questions now.

71 minutes: free kick for Belgium Outside on the left. De Bruyne takes. Wales handles it easily. The hosts weren’t half as dangerous in this second half. All credit to Wales for making it such a match.

69 minutes: James wraps a cross inward from the left. Bale is ahead of Alderweireld and heading towards goal. The ball shoots off the defender and out into the corner, where James displays his slapstick skills, slips on all fours without pressing, then rises unnecessarily to stab Openda, driving the loose ball, to the ground from behind. goal kick.

67 minutes: Meunier’s presence on the right forces Williams to enter a corner kick. De Bruyne rolled it inwards. Alderweireld hits a side road over the bar.

66 minutes: Belgium reply with tripartite they change. Batshuayi, Hazard, and Carrasco were replaced by Openda, Mertens, and Trossard.

65 minutes: Wales Make a double change. Moore and Smith set off, come Muriel—and to loud cheers of appreciation—Bill.

63 minutes: Belgium Hit the ball around for a moment.

61 minutes: De Bruyne takes the free kick. It’s a very detailed training ground routine that ends with Tillmans hitting a shot from distance that deflects a corner kick. Nothing comes of it.

60 minutes: Some noise before the free kick, as Moore descends to get the physicist to look at his arm. Ian Burch helps us kill some time: “Batchaway is now finally clear of the strikers’ graveyard which is Stamford Bridge where in fact he wasted six years of his life plus ours. He was helpless in front of goal, often out of offside and lack of confidence, every inch of the Chelsea striker seemed He will be remembered for his late title-clinching goal at West Bromwich Albion, but even then he managed to annoy the traveling support by running into the wrong corner of the ground to celebrate, well, his sense of direction was never good. He’ll never be forgiven for doing that.”

58 minutes: Hazard dodges in the middle of the park on purpose, and Ampadu returns him. Another reservation and one player will miss the Poland game on Sunday.

56 minutes: Belgium ping a few triangles. Vertonghen fired a low cross at the six-yard box from the left. Ampadu is on hand for a clear hook.

54 minutes: De Bruyne makes the ground down the right and chips into the Welsh square. Some head tennis. Wales They were desperately defending when Meunier writhed in the scene and hurled Apadou over the edge of the penalty area. Pointless challenge. Release pressure on Wells.

53 minutes: Belgium You will wonder how they are just a target in the future. But here we are all of a sudden. The hosts are trying to rediscover their balance with some midfield passes.

52 minutes: This was a great performance by Johnson, and it’s a good prospect. Moore could hardly miss, so it was a good cross, although not taking anything away from a perfectly placed header.

Goal! Belgium 2-1 Wales (Moore 50)

And now then! And now then! Johnson dribble on the right. He faces both Witzel and Carrasco, and drops his shoulder to advance toward the byline. He stands one to the far center, as Moore rises high, planting an unstoppable header past Courtois. The game has begun!

49 minutes: Mipham was awarded his first yellow card of the evening due to an unofficial rumble at Hazard’s rear. He will now miss the home game against Poland on Sunday.

48 minutes: Tielemans sweeps a diagonal pass towards Carrasco, into the Welsh square on the left. Carrasco takes the ball down, thinks of a shot, but tries to hit Hazard instead. wrong choice. Wales Erase their lines.

47 minutes: Slow start to the second half. Nobody seems to be in a great mood to push things off.

Belgium starts the second half. No changes.

Quiet entertainment in between.

First half: Belgium 2-0 Wales

Wales looked half decent in attack, but other than that they were second in the standings. Belgium He could have had a little more. They were wonderful. Here’s Peter Oh: “I’m afraid a sexy half-time speech by Michael Sheen himself wouldn’t fix it.”

45 minutes: Roberts rushes to the right and earns a corner kick. could Wales Grabbing something that could completely change the momentum of this game? Well, approx. Corner up to Williams on the left. He has time to corner and form a shot towards the top right. Unfortunately, it hits Norrington Davis’ shoulder and a goal kick occurs.

44 minutes: Nothing comes from that angle either. Wales You can do it in half the time.

43 minutes: Nothing comes from the corner, which is half cleared. Danger returns in Wales And another wins.

42 minutes: BelgiumUnfazed, go back to the other side and continue the investigation. Suddenly Tielemans made a long pass to the right. De Bruyne advances into the penalty area and passes a shot down the left. He’s heading inside, but Hennessey pulls out a shoe to deflect him away from the post.

40 minutes: free kick for Wales Outside on the left. They load the Belgian box. James wrapped it in the blender. Rodon wins with a header at the far post. Witsel is forced to break through his six-yard box. Ampadu heads back towards the goal. Courtois Barris, and the hosts are straightforward. Much better than Wales!

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