A team of physicists finds signs of states of pentaquarks and new matter

production mechanisms. The upper panel shows the schematics of the quark line at the electroweak peak, and the lower panels show the corresponding production scheme for the computer cases. (a) color-enhanced, (b) color suppression, and (c) non-analysable color suppression mechanisms. Credit: TJ Burns et al, physical review d (2022). DOI: 10.1103/ PhysRevD.106.054029 Theorists at the … Read more

319 wild animals have been illegally killed in Utah since August 1, officials said

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources reported that 319 wild animals were illegally killed in the state from August 1 through Friday. (Utah Department of Wildlife Resources) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Wildlife Conservation officials say there has been a slight increase in illegally killed animals ahead of the state’s … Read more

The power of politics to change the migraine care landscape – EURACTIV.com

At the recent Migraine Trust International Symposium, the world’s oldest medical conference on headache, advocates came together to call for improved policies for migraine sufferers.[1] Migraine continues to be a major public health problem across Europe. Despite recent therapeutic advances, people with migraines are left to navigate a fragmented care pathway.[2] As a result, this … Read more

Heavy fighting as the vote on annexation in Ukraine entered the last day

Register now to get free unlimited access to Reuters.com Register Heavy fighting with the entry of the Russian referendums last day Russian conscription sparks protests and mass displacement The Kremlin says no decisions have been made on closing Russia’s borders Kyiv, Ukraine (Reuters) – Ukrainian and Russian forces fought fierce fighting in different parts of … Read more

China’s growth is lagging behind the rest of Asia for the first time since 1990

China’s economic output will lag behind the rest of Asia for the first time since 1990, according to a new World Bank forecast that highlights the damage done by President Xi Jinping’s non-proliferation policies and the collapse of the world’s largest property market. The World Bank revised its forecast for gross domestic product growth in … Read more