“How were we not included?”: Rural Puerto Ricans struggle to get help after hurricane | Puerto Rico

Six days after Hurricane Fiona Puerto RicoAnd Alexis and Roberto Nunez still don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The couple, whose home in Arecibo was inundated during a storm, relies on a neighbor’s cooking and some government-delivered canned goods to make ends meet. Nunez woke up to a flooded house on the … Read more

Play it by ear: The latest TWS earbuds translate languages ​​in real time without internet

Express News Service Shashi Godboli walked into a New York café for coffee on a bright spring morning in 2012. A simple Indian housewife who doesn’t understand much English, Godbully is fond of the menu of Americanos, Italianos, cappuccinos, and lattes. The lady who runs the cafe does not understand her accent and vice versa. … Read more

Best LED Pointer VR Shooting Games

Not long when the death She went out and astounded everyone with her fast-paced, action-oriented gameplay. Fast forward to 2022, and things are getting more realistic and more engaging for first-person shooters. The contemporary landscape of fps games has many previously unimaginable features, from 100-player multiplayer battles to fully immersive story-based experiences. Related: Best RPG … Read more

Netflix Tudum 2022: The biggest news and trailers

For the second year in a row, Netflix held a live event called Tudum to showcase some of the biggest upcoming movies, TV shows, and games. (Although the names are similar, this Tudum has nothing to do with the struggling fan site that Netflix also runs.) There were some notable absences from the 2022 release … Read more

‘Everyone Has a Book Inside’: A Flourishing Memoir Industry Where Ordinary People Record Their Stories | Biography and notes

Brian Lewis grew up in a difficult council building after arriving in Britain as part of Windrush generation. At the age of eight, he developed an interest in chess and joined a team made up of Estate Board children to take part in tournaments, generally against children from more privileged backgrounds. At the age of … Read more

Tāme Iti and the Art of Thriller

Allison Maw is a senior journalist at Stuff. Opinion: Journalists can generally talk for a minute or so on almost any topic, unless they have spent years covering a specialized area of ​​journalistic reporting. This is a joke that I often use to justify my lack of in-depth knowledge on various topics (sailing! grassland management! … Read more

Matt Roloff says he’s making ‘big changes’ in hopes of getting a buyer for Roloff Farms after being on the market for more than four months – Ashley real-life report

“Coooooome and get it!” It’s been about four months since then Matt Roloff Made a somewhat shocking announcement that He is selling a 16-acre lot From Rolove farm And although the farm sale has caused a lot of media uproar (not to mention Discord in the Roloff family Between Matt and his twin sons zach … Read more